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dj dax – solid state drive lyrics


verse 1 (dax):
woken by a bed side stream of calls and texts, got her
laptop with the tech drive, shawty from the west, i’m just
typing ’bout the best night, leave it by her legs
(hit these) rappers with that f5 just to stay refreshed

i guess, like big said, it was all a dream
at times, i love the night, but like paula deen
i hate the dark, double f and it’s all aurene, these demons
shake when they see i got this god on me, my

drive, just like this mac, it’s in a solid state, i need that
quick boot up, just had a knowledge wake, i’ve had my
college phase, this isn’t all it takes, my music’s
voiced by a david, playing solid snake, i feel that

falling grace is all part of curriculum, i’m
stalling, wait, i need ines from switzerland
for now, i’ll keep spitting venom, the outcome won’t be pretty
dax has had his rest, but now i’ll p-ss it off to shiki

verse 2 (shiki):
grab her by the p-ssy leave her gushing like a wiki leak
ruining my sheets, i don’t sleep: rap f-ck and repeat
i don’t greet rappers; all a n-gg- do is gate keep
to prevent disaster – always making sure my sword sheathed

hiten mitsurugi: beheading those who unruly
oh, yo b-tch is bad and boujee? well my chick be lewd and ecchi
n-gg-s that hate on my st–ze -n-lytics can never catch me
music and the fame, my mistresses, they always looking s-xy

i’mma f-ck them till i’m six feet under
westbrook, how i bring the thunder
must be succubi how i’m addicted
it’s a spell i’m under

yeah – dangerous game that i play, aye
speed run life no saves, aye
y’all career getting decay, aye
me and my fam just slay

opposition, i’m proactive, never sitting, wishing
while these n-gg-s b-tching who support the most, i’m busy building
a new dynasty for my team with the illest writtens
people from my past who went judas on me: good riddance

// wake up – we got that solid state drive
i’m out here taking lives on this solid state drive, homie //

wake up – we got that solid state drive
“shiki and dj dax, son, we’re gonna stay live”
(i got my) girl feeling boujie, and my uzi by my side
i’m out here taking lives on this solid state drive, for real

being in bed is leaving me dead
lord forgive me
will i do my will? i will
the more i dream of being me, the further i get from thee
i’m straddling the fence, excuse me if i’m defensive

verse 3 (dax):
(it was all a) dream, i came up reading complex magazine
scrolling through insta, to see the baddies of fantasies
uh, posting op-eds on my wall, tweet my sound
cloud ’cause engagement lately has been on the fall

was all so sudden, ain’t saw that coming
p-rn star mindset, focused on nuttin’
wake up – sure, aurene did well, but
my dreams ain’t a thing that a man could sell

tell ’em ’bout #track2! man, all that was wack too
i wanted the validation from maryland rap crews
told him in february, dropped it in month of scary, then
right before january, he finally acts – true

…ain’t mean to be hostile
but you treat the mc of the year like i’m not though, can’t
stay on this forever, long as i’m alive (will dax)
p-ss his 25 and keep up the same drive?