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dj khaled – on my way lyrics


“on my way”
(feat. kevin cossom, bali, ace hood, ballgreezy, ice berg, desloc, gunplay, rum, young cash)

i’m on my way
this goin out to every hood
we gonna make it

you can look into my eyes
see that i’m dead tired
6:00 in the morning
money still on my mind
so if you want it
i’m the one to supply
be there in no time
i’m on my way-ay-ay-ay… ay-ay-ay [x4]

n-gg- this legendary
no ordinary sh-t
no ordinary b-tches
no ordinary whips
4 bills n-gg- special like they 30
i cam along way from four steps in section 8
n-gg-s eatin on these beats
get yourself a plate
and i’m a step away
one hit, one breath away
when you don’t got time, you ain’t never late
come so victory is here
we can celebrate

ok, i’m on my grizzle
on my grind
go ahead try, top my shine
i’m on my way, anyday
tell them n-gg-s better have my cake
what you think
n-gg- you ain’t
have me laughin all the way to the bank
l o l, a m b, o r at the gini baby
had the chop the top off that b-tch
just so they can see me baby
money i get, know that sh-t
yeah he paid, notice it
sleepin who, no can do
motivation, ocean view
how i get it
b-tch u trippin
ain’t got nuthin to do with you


[ball greezy:]
victory is on the way
khaled go in on ’em
show ’em we gonna win homey
get off in their skin homey
i’ve been getting in the streets over 10 years
so you think a n-gg- p-ssy cause his ear’s pierced
run up on a n-gg- p-ssy if you want to
u gotta best be sure that it go through
ball greezy gettin money like he ‘posed to
good dope in the drop like soul food
big body, big rims on the old school
stay fly like a hood n-gg- ‘posed too
lights off click clack in the pinto
seat back, d-ck sucked in the benzo
5% dbs on the renzo
no sleep, gotta eat, gotta get done

it’s like i always say
m-th-f-ka here i come
another victory for the crib
a couple more before i’m done
and if you asleep you better wake up
and get on your f-kin job
cause i’m takin’ everything except a loss
iceburg goes off, yeah 24/7 i goes on
and i be scared i might miss money
so i don’t doze off
i’m a snap and the streets know it
trick told me keep goin’
an i’m a keep chiefin as long as god keep the weed growin’


switch man been to a?
i’ve been destined to shine
won’t take no for an answer
f-k n-gg- gimme mine
never been selfish for real
i put on my whole city
i went from standing on corners
to autographin’ t-tties
my daddy gave my virginia’s king, a richmond legend
a wise speaker, a woman pleaser
broke n-gg-, reverend
mr o 10, i get it in
i wear da crown
we da best, tell ’em f-k next
i got downs

you got da cash, then show me
better not be phoney
get on my level
cause they way below me
u ballin? balogna
girls ask me what my cologne is
steel khakis and coronas
and i’m mackin’ a donkey
flip the 4 and a half
do the vert and a left
bet da ave never seen banks chunky as dat
why you got pressure?
cause my impala got pressure
beating outside, shaking the dice on my dresser
is that gun play, yes sir!

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