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dj lubel – my sweet cougar lyrics



[verse 1]
well i’m just a normal guy
looking for a date
some guys get lucky while i m-st-rb-t-
oh i
was looking for love
in the wrong generation

[verse 2]
well out of the blue
she came my way
she was past her prime
her hair was turning grey
oh wow
what i need is a cougar

[verse 3]
she was well in her thirties
when i still believed in santa claus
and i was starting p-b-rty
when she was starting menopause

[verse 4]
her name is cynthia
same name as my mom
she said she’s in her twenties
hah, probably during vietnam!
oh, who do you think you’re fooling?
my sweet cougar

[verse 5]
so don’t hide those wrinkles
around those pretty blue eyes
and who cares a little cellulite around those grandmother thighs?
’cause i love you the way you are
my sweet cougar

[verse 6]
oh, your br–sts may sag
and your -ss may drag
and my friends may call you a hag
but i can’t stop looking
’cause you’re my best woman
even though, the year you were born
the president was harry truman
harry truman, harry truman, harry truman

[verse 7]
two, three!
so don’t be afraid!
don’t tuck that tummy
what you lack in abs
you make up in money
that “time of the month” for you no longer exists
yes that’s a week full of s-x
’cause now you don’t got a miss
well tell me your story
tell me about your past
tell me about the time that larry king
he grabbed your -ss
oh lord
i’ll say it again
i love my cougar
oh oh oh
well don’t go dying on me
my sweet cougar