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dj quik & kurupt – blaqkout lyrics


[intro: kurupt]
yeah (yeah)
this is one of those when you put it together
you make gumbo (gumbo) you dig? (i dig)
i mean how can you go wrong?
dj quik on the beat, kurupt young gotti on the mic
dj quik on the mic, i mean
how can you go wrong? yes

[verse 1: dj quik]
i’m a hit you right off of the intro
i don’t need rap, i’m a pimp
so i’m conflicted
cause i can’t put hoes on the track, that’s contradictin’
and even though i don’t win no grammys
i still get love in the streets, from the pappys and mammys
i’ll be d-mned they ain’t family
they treat me like i flunked out of grambling
but they happy that i went on a scholarship, god d-mn me
i know you love me if you feel this
i’m not a rapper, i’m a realist
and i came back just to get you on track like metro
set the stage on fire, gallon of petrol – get it all!
patron shots got me gettin drunk, want to hit it all
rap music filled with shock and awe
i know you love quik cause i’m rockin y’all
kurupt’ll be here in 8 bars to spit at y’all

this feel so crenshaw right now
this feelin right here is kinda takin me back to 1995
such a familiar feeling, glad to be here!

[verse 2: kurupt]
ay i’m with’chu big homey!
me? i was born to be a g
different situations bring out a different me
soliloquies of get sh-t spit spastically
i put that on my life, my wife, my kids and the streets
i’m a rise; this shouldn’t come as a surprise
open up your mind body soul and your eyes
i improve, intertwine, improvise
impatient at some times when i grind
when i blaqkout, my thoughts is my eyes
but i can see e’rything in sight like they lied
you might not like this, you might not care
i might tell you somethin you don’t really wanna hear
i plan to take a couple of you n-ggas on a journey
you can come with me willingly or leave on a gurney
gargantuan, cannon c-cker blaka, blaka, blaka
motherf-cker kurupt a couple percussions
p-ssed around like “8ball” when eric was alive
step up in the club, and take a look inside
and blaqkout