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doctor j global, tg global, 1luhk – walk em lyrics


[intro] (1luhk)
yeah we going crazy boy speaking on my name i send that boy right to grady boy

[verse] (1luhk)
when we catch that boy we walk him down ain’t no spinning back
man tony like f+ck it n+gga yeah double back double back
riding around in traffic got the glizzy sitting on my lap
i dont know you n+ggas keep your distance i dont want no dap
told her when i f+ck shawty gone ahead and throw her back
might just buy my gang some guns yeah we ain’t got no time to lack
yeah luh bra a baby yeah get that boy some similac
speaking about these hoes me and my bro yeah we tennis that
recc he going dumb he like wherе the f+ck my semi at
bladez hе like oouu i want that whip so we get in that
i ain’t got to say no name lil terri know who we poppin at
speaking on my brothers i swear to god ima see bout that
yeah yo gang is a b+tch
you a b+tch
throw a fit
throw a fit
you get bl!cked
you get bl!cked
in that clip
in that clip
play with me
play with me
you getting dipped
you getting dipped
yeah we sailing like a ship
yeah they hoping on my wave
i can’t f+ck with that b+tch
no i can’t pave the way
yeah my momma want a mill so ima paint the way
shawty i dont wanna f+ck bring it here i paint her face
{verse} (lil tony)
how these n+ggas tryna check me he ain’t k!ll nun
swear up and down he drillin, he ain’t drill nun
and all my n+ggas they can vouch that im a real one
and f+ck a groupie all the opps know imma k!ll sum
stupid b+tch up in my face keep tryna get some money
walkin round with racks p+ssy go head take it from me
its the holidays lil n+gga h+ll nah i ain’t frontin nothing
b+tches setting n+ggas up at partys n+gga i ain’t coming (thats on gang)
different city hit better know that we ain’t f+ckin
different color money take it to me i just f+cked w buddy
i dont sip drank, yall n+ggas some nasty motherf+ckers
issa opp pack roll a n+gga ass in a russian
man this whip sittin low i can’t even take it to the hood
luhk f+ck with them 60s he be screaming neighbourhood
i be wishing n+ggas won’t but then i know a n+gga would
get this b+tch up out my face she mad becuase i done f+cked her good
n+gga thinkin that they cool cos they broke, n+gga what
n+gga you a fool and you broke run it up
imma get the money n+gga i dont give a f+ck
n+gga imma get these hunnids n+gga imma run em up
and i ain’t drillin with these n+ggas imma catch em by myself
all this poppin sh+t on instagram ain’t good for your health
if a n+gga come at me you better know he smoking meth
bronem hop out with that fye he gone shoot his ass to death
[verse] (tg global)
brand new 223s we hop out and make em melt
dont come round actin hard you gone get stepped on, be yourself
caught him by himself, got hit with switches above the belt
imma tote this pole while im on papers, i dont really care
really hate when n+ggas stare, cos i dont f+ck with n+ggas
i just f+ck this hoe from time to time she claim to love a n+gga
real playa, can’t be in my feelings man whats up with n+ggas
same hitter, ain’t sh+t change my bullets got bigger
i prolly got richer, i ain’t give no money to these hoes
oh he got a richard, he gone get taken down forsure
if he ain’t my kind, he get slimed
anything goes
with the same bros, kicking doors im prolly gone blow
(we global now)

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