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dodsengel – alor mal ki lyrics


within the matter of existence, i journey through
sculpted memories.
neither dead nor dreaming, i slumber within the walls
of water.
in a world hidden in nightmares, i mould the dreams of
the cult.
i create a new death told in whispers, as i send you
into a cycle of eternity.

chaos inverted in glorious fulfillment. a revival from
the stars.
consciousness manifested by the inner eye,
as a glimpse of truth behind all life.
reflecting the nightmares of my waking sh-ll. blinded
only by a mask.
a face that no one remembers.

alor mal ki
place your visions in me!

dwell in your madness!

from behind life and all matter!

star sp-wn of algol!

arise from the chasm of stone!

all morals to waste, only desire left to fullfill. i
emerge in a new form.
i carve the portal, i crush all that is known.
the only way for life to meet the eye.