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don kel – intro lyrics


(section 8 straight cooked this mf up)

back to back foreigns you know it’s on us you don’t even gotta ask
and we having real za for good numbers we don’t even gotta tax
racks in my prada bag get whacked for 5 of em
me and bro, we made it from nothing, told him that i’m proud of em

1300 for these prada boots n++++ i’ma style on em
still catch me in the pj’s n++++ no i ain’t hiding from nothing
a lotta hoes they switched up for me they didn’t have time for now we rocking tom ford
that’s just the t+shirt
in my hood i’m essential
nda’s for all these hoes yea everything confidential
and don’t gеt it twisted yea this sh+t can still get critical
swat down in a n++++ bush mask and glovеs like an umpire
(get him outta here)
f+ck a deal i might stay indy and f+ck with empire
i’m a young king out here grinding trying to build a empire
don kel