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donny bravo – lick lyrics


[verse: donny bravo!]
450 degrees lil n+gga i’m hot i’m doing the sh+t that you not
hop in the caddy just send me the addy i’m only a minute away from yo spot
and when i pull up ian doing no i talking my stick fully loaded i’m ready to pop
you soft like a sock and i’m hard as a rock im finna take every luh thing that you got
gimmie them shoes i need them perks and i need that gas too
tryna meet up w me in the cut now that was a bad move
you n+ggas crazy y’all are sum nuts you n+ggas cashews
i’m finna show all you mf donny bravo is a bad dude
catch a lil n+gga lacking w a fat sack get the shoes and the belt and the back pack
pull the phone out put it on snapchat
f+ck a wallet ima take a n+gga cash app
take me to yo crib where the stash at
broke b+tch in the trap you a nat nat
if you take a p+ssy n+gga and you knock em ima call it a cat nap
if you f+ck w my trust and you play w my money the rest of yo
life is a wrap jack we could be patnas or we could be blood idm
cuz i can not have that and if that’s how you roccin
then you need to stop fwm and you need to back back
cuz i can not fw no n+gga that fw my money cuz i need my bag fat
young bull got six strips i had to earn my adidas
gave a b+tch that big pipe then i took off ion needer
i remember the nip nights cold in the house w no heater
hopped in the booth and took off thru the roof now
i blow heat out the speakers they know i’m cold asap
n+gga run up on me playin you know that i’m foldin his sh+t
i’m bold w the l!cks after i take what you got then i’m on the road w ya b+tch
she strokin the d+ck
told the lil b+tch to slow down before she get to chokin and sh+t poking the b+tch
these n+ggas be thinking i’m playing y’all must think i’m joking and sh+t
lil b+tch i said i’m hot might f+ck around and go burn sum
i used to get b+tches to do all my homework but you already know a n+gga still learned sum
this sh+t ain’t a given you gotta go hard these think i hit a “earn b+tton”
i feel like that motherf+ckin show atl i feel like i turned into earn cousin
lil b+tch i been hard you a phone w no sim card i’m a beast like a menatar
he said he want smoke i told em no problem lil n+gga i’m already in the car
yea b+tch i’m otw
hurry up n+gga andelé
ian got no time to play
he said he got sticks but he pulled out a can of fabreeze
when i told em it’s time to spray b+tch i’m a son of a gun
my daddy was dumping the drum
hardest one under the sun my momma don’t f+ck with the guns but ik she proud of her son
p+ssy n+gga i’m the one
ain’t no stopping til i’m done
if i pop it you gone run and ain’t n0body finna come
watch this hit a n+gga drop kick hot sh+t grease bubble on my pop sh+t
rock sh+t heavy metal no mosh pit all them dreads on his head
ima mop with
smart n+gga i ain’t never been a convict
blowing up in the booth like a bomb hit this
n+ggas do not want no pressure these
n+ggas is p+ssy they don’t want no conflict