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dot rotten – i can’t keep up lyrics


i can’t keep up
i can’t keep up
i can’t keep up
i can’t keep up

[verse 1]
head gone, wavy
somebody out here save me
s-xy ladies
drive me crazy
tonight i’mma live it up
that champagne, bailey’s
grey goose, jd
take a break
i can’t keep up
vodka, white rum
c-cktails, fine bud
cigarettes outside
small chat, light up
big br–sts, nice bum
party starts when i come
i want her, then i’m done
take a break


[verse 2]
drinks coming in
head spinning while guzzling
alcohol consumption
we living the life and we loving it
sambuca’s flooding in
and a hangover’s the punishment
empty gl-ss, fill it up again
take a break
i can’t keep up
i saw you, i’m in love again
strobe lights fl1ckering
alcohol kicking in
reckless behaviour
nights out, no sitting in
the phone rings, it’s the ex girl
with the phone call, i’m missing it
take a break


[verse 3]
i saw you from a mile off
let’s talk, why not
your name, my name
“hi babes, i’m dot”
i’m here, you’re here
let’s chill, my spot
have s-x, it’s a madness
take a break
i can’t keep up
you leave, i’m lost
your face, no flaws
texts, phone calls
let’s meet local
be friends, social
slow jamz, old school
chase you, i’m no fool
take a break