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dr.moriarity – through the looking glass lyrics


once apon a time in a big gl-ss house lived an over checked up smart alex
died really quick before the 27 club could even let him in before heath letcher k!lled himself over pills
prescriptions pharmaceutical technicians f-cking nurses but they actuall f-cked him over forgot about alex brought the charm out
kurt cobain nova caine zanex with jimi hendrix guitars solos behind the back makes the whole crowd react fast
five minutes of fame is all i need to put you all strait to shame
lyrical battle comes in combat give you a verbal warning before i make you sh-ttin your sheets at night forgetting how to speak and eat because you can’t even f-ck anymore
you lost your d-ck to two verbal swords can even sing anymore your crying now realizing that you wernt meant to be sure some day youll be something but for now your just useless miserable to many regrets past is present tense and your all f-cked up an accident realize that sh-t
care givers give him the deliver because hes haging out with prescription pills because he paraplegic hes got to get the k!ll oxy cotton morphine living like morpheus i take the blue pill 1 red 1 in the morning to make me not give a sh-t its all ok though i hit up the nurse she cleans up my -ss for stool samples hitting up dr.moriarity for the wav form mp3 try and put it on play that sh-t back again hit it up like synonyms adverb prodegims so much sentence structure to tongue twisters can’t even repeat them everyone different but hes not anything like them channels to radio f-ck them all there like playdough