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dragonforce – fallen world lyrics


fallen world

soldiers of fire
rage of the universe
cold steel and bloodshed
in the lost barren wasteland

fear rising higher,
rage of the winter war
death calls and night fall,
our hatred still burns us

we march through endless skies
mankind will fall, death will arise

for our lifetime we fight without reason,
still we wait for the warrior’s return
though we’re cast out and broken, we still carry on
alone in a lost fallen world

flames burning higher,
curse of the winterland,
black, torn, and twisted
in the fast-fading twilight

storm winds still flowing,
still chase our destiny,
death calls and night fall
our curse with be lifted

disguise these timeless cries
brave men will fall, evil will rise!


still heroes were born,
with promises so black,
the light at the end of the road which we all must light!