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drake – bitch is crazy lyrics


aww man
ho! yes!
yea… can ya’ll hear me out there
it’s a lovely night tonight ain’t it
yea i know
i know what they thinkin they, they hear the beat they aleady scared
you know how i get down
but look i’m just gon keep it real

i’d like to know if there is a chemical
imbalance in your makeup
(gotta be something wrong with you baby)
sometimes i wonder… wonder if you plan
half of this sh-t before i wake up
(ohh yeah)
callin my ex-girl or e-mailin my mama (d-mn)
you’re the only one
that’s causin me this drama
and then expect favors (yea)
when you come in town
and i know if i see you garaunteed it’s goin down

to stay this girll (ho!)
you couldn’t pay me
i respect a woman
but this b-tch is crazy (hahaha)
this b-tch is crazy (yea)
this b-tch is crazy
i respect a woman (i do)
but this b-tch is crazy

she don’t even know
that’s the craziest part rite?
she just oblivious to the whole sh-t like
and you know like i was sayin sometimes
i gotta get my r&b on you know
i wanna wear the wife beaters
with the slit at the top so
i can tear it easy and all that
i wanna sing in the rain girl
you know what i’m talkin bout
i need a r&b name too like uh… like uh… like
i don’t know i’ll think of it
you crazy man for real
oh well n-gg- f-ck that hoe!
i said it without sayin it man