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dream inc. – murda she wrote lyrics


(verse 1 king cizzy)
you give me bliss when the sun rise
you don’t want no one by my side
i wanna make you go outside
none of my girls gon arrive
want you to (do it 11x) on me
want you to (do it 7x) keep grinding keep grinding

(bridge king cizzy)
until the sun rise
until the sun dies (3x)
until the sun rise
keep grinding (2x)

(verse 2 king cizzy)
our cars ain’t gold
man i got hoes
4 -5 for the bros
man she’s fantastic
new york….
wanna dance on me
i just hope that she knows
she out at the club with her woes
dirty wind on me that’s fo sho
it’s hot and your gonna take your clothes off
then it will go like

(hook king cizzy)
taking of clothes
dance with my boys
k!ll the noise
murdashewrote (2x)
i bet she k!lling me softly with this (2x)
murdashewrote (2x)
she grinding (2x)

(verse 2 kuny)
you said i’m the one, but that time i was tripping
guess i was just dreaming, but f– you with your feelings
i was living in the back stage , that n-gg- on the front page
now i’m living in the southside
don’t tell me you tried tried
you just gonna lie lie
there’s no line with my new girl
we connected like a wifi
these days i’m too fly fly sh-t u can’t not deny, ny
don’t text me don’t ,fight fight
you ain’t my type type
you can’t even be my side side
you ain’t part of life baby
don’t talk to me like you are crazy
girl i’m on a mission, you always craving for attention
we don’t talk you get suspicious
don’t put me in this position, get my keys
than start the engine
windows blurred in with no vision if we crash you gone miss me
until the sunrise baby
until the sunrise baby(yeah,yeah,yeah)
until the sunrise(yeah, yeah,yeah)
until the sunrise(yeah)
trust me you gone miss me, i know you gone miss this
until the sunrise

(hook king cizzy)