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droraps – coming down the blvd lyrics


coming down the blvd sw-nging on em’ hard
sw-nging on em’ hard(x9)

[verse 1: dro]
need a little bit of liquor just to ease my mind
and i’m way up ahead these haters always stay behind
they chilling on my dresser i got 25 lighters
them folks stay down i got 25 fighters
shooters every where like i got 25 snipers
25 pet vipers watch out cuz they might just bite ya
25 mexicans tote 25 rifles
you drop so much bullsh-t u need 25 diapers
(haha) me and the homeys on the block
hoes are like birds 25 in my flock on my c-ck
b-tch, get up off this, cuz you don’t understand me
you can’t get the whole thing shawty
but you can be handy
coming the down the blvd sw-nging on em hard
candy coated wood grain slabbed out cars
you thought you were the only one pimping, nah
why you got em chained up mayne just free my dawgs
keep it trill