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droza – circus lyrics


ring around the rosies
pockets full of posies
all yall going down
surrounded by some phonies

(verse 1)
the plague is back again, its takin all my friends
i gotta couple coins, bouta cop a benz
now im making noise, dont mean to offend
but gotta cut you off, theres a means to this end
b-tch i ain’t a toy, dont expect me to pretend
you acting like a dog, dont wanna hear you beg
i ain’t playing games, stop pulling on my leg
b-tch im bout blast, so now im on edge


(verse 2)
i been grind lately, i figured yall mistaken
said that i been hidding, what the f-ck you thinkin
im living in this circus, searchin for my purpose
spitting all this fire, but i dont know if its worth it
all these snakes are lurking, back stabbin serpents
if you looking for a handout, better keep on searchin
you wouldn’t last a day, standin a day in my shoes
what i gotta to say, to get this thru to you