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dru hill – away lyrics





[verse 1 – sisqo]
we started out together on a love journey
we said we would be together to the very end
ain’t n-body ever made love like we did (oh yea)
i must admit we had something special
almost perfect some things we couldn’t let go
you did yo dirt, girl
i did mine too
now you want me gone away (so)

so easy making mistakes
all broken down, beyond repair (uhh)
with being selfish
it had our selveless
now it’s better that we go away

[chorus – dru hill]
never thought that we would be apart (away)
and even with broken hearts
how did we let our love get away
how could i love give (away)
what ever happen to your yesterday(away)
never thought we would let it get away
our future we had faded
away, away, away

[verse 2 – sisqo]
it’s so ugly in the equation
that for each other had changed to us hurting
no more vacation
no more celebrations
not even anniversaries
joint accounts closed, moving out slow
no more late night walks after making love
it’s just fading out (it’s just fading out)
it’s just faidng out (woa)

[chorus (repeat) – dru hill]

[talking – nokio]
the first time i ever saw you girl
is the day i really started believing that there were a god in heaven (mmmm)
why would he take you away (oh why, why, oh why)

[repeat 3x]

[chorus (repeat) – dru hill]