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dubich & saliva grey – hollow marrow lyrics


[verse 1]
my body a temple, your lobe is exposed
lazer your mental fade into the glow
i get resentful when i’m on the blow
grippin’ the handle, give in to the cold
dot+dot+dottin’ your eyes and i’m crossing yo street
i’m smilin sweet while i kick in yo t++th
all i really need are my hands and my feet
and reason to make you delete so
i’m sellin my soul to the evil
eyes buggin out like i’m weavel
love for you f+ckers is zero
packin a mack and it’s lethal
i’ma bloodsucker motherf+cker ugly to the marrow
i became a villain way before i made hero

i been working on my birds eye view
out of body ain’tcha heard i’m who
never sleeping from the work i do
keep my third eye glued
wide open just so i can i find you
duh+duh+duh+duh+duh, hah

[verse 2]
why you steady looking? guarantee you never find me
i been too busy diggin’ bodies out the concrete
revelation never escaping everything behind me
i keep my eyes closed just so i can see inside me, ah
i don’t really care no more
way too many days i been low
why i never gone learn to cope
always i act so visceral
hate to wake up every day, it’s f+cking tragic
i put my face on bet ya love the way i mask it
had to keep my feelings in the god d+mn floor
called you every night and you ain’t picking up the phone
god i
need you, but you don’t need me
find the means, through the lies i’ma breathe, ah