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dan zanes – moon over greene county lyrics

[mallory:] “no! there is no escaping here!” [mickey:]
“who’s the lucky one?” [mallory:] “eanie, meanie, minie,
moe, catch a redneck by his toe. if he hollers, let him
go! eanie, meanie, minie, moe… my mama told me to pick
the best one, and you are it!”

[mallory:] “when them people come here and they ask you
who done this, you tell mickey and mallory knox did it,
alright?! say it!” [pinball cowboy:] “mickey and mallory
knox did it.” [mallory:] “mickey and mallory knox…”

[mallory:] “i love you, mickey.” [mickey:] “i love you,

- dan zanes lyrics

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