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deacon the villain feat. champagne chu – falling sky (feat. champagne chu) lyrics


up under the rain
the sky is falling
can you remember the time
when the sun was calling?

we go round and round
up and down
these night dreams
in the mansion glow
all alone
for nice things
from the blackest ground
you like the sound the lights sing
down below

champagne chu

can i get a high five?!
we touched sky
finally got a piece of that american pie
that pan am money
started to fly
but the engine caught fire and we burned alive
hot d-mn, honey
-ss thighs
looking like baby back ribs, lies
last week, a sunny
surprise, surprise
before them implants you was 105
hey, keep up the good work
get money gonna use it for some good first
yeah right
red light
just a n-gg- in paris with the red nikes
autobahn with them bubble eye headlights
yeah, gonna live wrong till i’m dead right
that’s right
we ‘gon ride this b-tch till it hit on e
until then everything’s on me


let’s party bullsh-t
new day new script
through pain music helped get to it
we’ve earn it (turn up)
i learned this today
we’ve earned it (turn up)
can earnestly say


man, n-gg-z ain’t never had sh-t
neither has the red man brown man yellow man b-tch
as i look through my satellite dish
it’s party after party cause we hardly got to have our own kicks
though most of our folks ain’t rich
see a n-gg- make it and we actin like we just scored six
cause we started from the bottom as a race
this american pie tastes like grace
eat up then re-up roll weed up ya feet up for good
even hookin’ my fleet up with wood
buy out the bar, look up, buy up the stars
vacate, fly up to mars
but what do i know?
nappy roots said from the go
our whole life i been po’
now we got some money and some milk and honey n-gg- and i’m telling ya that everything that glitters looks gold


welcome to the rat race
alien american
literally last place
in chains
get strong fast paced
3/5ths human
would you listen to my black face
black codes
married to a jim crow
my lawd
chariot swing low
sooner than peace n-gg-z need release
no sugar coats
naked truth at least
whatever happened to them acres? (acres)
all them dirty acres (acres)
stolen 40 acres (acres)
we don’t need acres? (acres)
f-ckin’ 40 acres… (acres)
we don’t want acres
what we need is:
good behavior
share the views
all the things we rarely do
naked truth within the schools
learn from me?
i learn from you…

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