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death is not glamorous – second step lyrics

we’ve got a way of giving up too quick,
the world wont budge and nothing we decided sticks,
it’s a shame and about time made a change.,
it’s up to me this time. stand up to my own words, straight-backed, beat my best ever day and be happy.
be grateful for all i’ve got, and i wont let up a second.
i believe that we can make a difference in our lives,
take change, initiative, work at our own pace and time.
look at where we are, let’s turn this place around,
build each other up, we don’t have to burn it down.
stick to our spades, stand up for the world,
stand up tall.
live our lives for the better,
work together.
speak and move try out hardest is all we can do.
this time i’m not giving an inch,
because i know i can beat it.
no more empty lines, no longer living defeated.

- death is not glamorous lyrics

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