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delicate news – they will never see the sun lyrics


early in september
can you recollect those days
thirteen mutilated corpses
played as an erotic game
laughter in my brain
tell us the names
untouched minds of purity
enraptured your eyes
these tiny helpless cowards
i hate them like my own
haunting, rambling; bleeding
feelings like a thunderstorm
first they called me uncle
they will never see the sun
abandoned creatures
no one has to meddle in

denounce my ident-ty jeer at my visions
lies! that’s nothing but lies!
i hear them crying / a new way of dying
my mother hoots / no one loves me
no one wants to know the truth
flash lights / seething with hatred
voices / castrate and behead the b-st-rd
spit runs from my brow / i grin in their faces
smelling the hate / oh what a wonderful day

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