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devastated – swallowing tumors lyrics


bury heads in the quicksand of ancient time
and try to cover up the motherf-cking sky

so we swallow it deep down to the gut
it’ll take a lifetime to vomit up the sh-t you’ve
been feeding us

i’m not your keeper, you have no brother
put that in one hand and p-ss in the other
and go run to your mother

nails digging into four meter high, rotted out
your head is so far up your f-cking -ss that
you’ll never get it out

try pleading with your god if he
finally comes around
this earth is turning itself inside f-cking out
and we’re all going down, down, down, down!

drawing circles in the dirt, make it hurt
make her squirt!

your poor mind needs a savior
(father forgive my cold heart for the things that i’ve
done, our time’s sadly running out)

now i’ve got you running down a never-
ending hall
if ignorance was bliss you’d blow your
load all over the wall
perceiving, perceive me, a false sense of
being, existing, did it feel real?
raw deal

put wishful thinking at rest for a change
the world is f-cked and you’re to blame

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