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dion – my michelle lyrics

my mich-lle

hey mich-lle
i saw you dancing down the bar
my sweet mich-lle
i found my job hit my guitar
i saw you dancing all alone
i swear you rang my new cellphone mich-lle

my sweet mich-lle
i saw you dancing with your friend
my mich-lle
i lost my breath i got to dance
and in my heart melt like b-tter
..stop to..mich-lle
my my mich-lle

i lead my guitar
to talk in
leave my guitar to walking
oh it’s real baby how i feel babe oh
if darling..
mich-lle my bound you’r swell oh h-ll
but you good too


hey mich-lle

i saw yo dance across the room
my mich-lle,
i found my heart on boom boom boom
i saw you dancing all
i swear you rang my new cellphone mich-lle

oh mich-lle
how can i make it all stood
my sweet mich-lle
my microphone wont’ do me knocker
your body pushes me to have to say it with my guitar mich-lle
my my mich-lle

well you good game
oh girl
you make my heart say, my mich-lle
oh my my my my breath you..
my mich-lle, my my michele
you’re such a wild thing
you make my heart say
oh h-ll
i’m beggin please

- dion lyrics

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