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dj dax – malmalmalware lyrics

…count it up, dial up, she’s a model

dj dax is feeling extra malo, give an
antivirus and a twitter follow

verse 1 (dax):
ain’t the best rapper and still better than all of y’all
drove my own lane too far, i need the autobahn
already a “grate,” ain’t need cheese of parmesan
did it for the rings, and frankly, david has got the call

way too comfy how i rap, had to go experiment
kind of bored of my own cr-p, i’m not really feeling it, and
sure, i’ve always been legit, but can i k!ll a slow jam?
trap song, lofi, story telling, please upgrade my program

i’m real venomous, spitting with error’s embellishment, got the
force of the forbidden dragon’s sword, spitting with resonance
obviously, you rappers can’t join on my odyssey
and shout out to whoever really diggz the prophecy

why is it so easy? what is life’s meaning? i’m thinking, i
…only exist just to question my limits i feel are inside
…frequently, i’m missing ali in her tube socks
cheering my every move, telling me every day that preacherdude rocks

i’m bored…
put out something new ’cause that’s my sole way not to snore, man
i’m bored…
infected by the sameness, clean my music for the lord, man

/// aye, i’m bored, h-lla bored, rid the malware ///
looked for a creative click, sadly it is not there

verse 2 (diggz):

chorus x2

verse 3 (dax):
…creative clicker extraordinaire
don’t go in iceboi’s studio, bro, it’s cold in there
golden flair swag, for king, i’m the next in line, i ain’t
even close to my best, but i’m testing the best alive

lyrics sharper than a latina ninja girl’s eyebrows
did this for one ep, this style: it’ll go out now
uh, i said it’s cold in there, you can call me michael the
way i’m spitting these solar flares cooler than 40 polar bears

hit up bae to tell her she looks better in mauve, feeling
so inspired… i’m super wired to god
i’m super man with this fire, i laser eye any zod
stare this foreign girl, always want to study abroad

comeback… kid, i’m not so sensitive
luck, dax… ain’t sk!lls representative
such rap… will i ever use an expletive?
the message is: aye yo, f__k that! excellent

// …creative, creative clicker extraordinaire
…i got it //

- dj dax lyrics

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