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dmx – any mc lyrics


ayo, ayo, ayo, ayo!
uh! i’m not to be f-cked with
it ain’t no secret ’bout how its going down once i put on the pressure
it ain’t nothing but another n-gg- put on a stretcher
with a blanket over his face, take him to the morgue with the waste
‘cuz he was in the wrong place at the wrong time
so i gave it to him in his chest
in his throat, in his head, in his back, through his vest, yes
ain’t a whole lot to braking a n-gg- down fast
they call me black ‘cuz thats how i’m gon’ be on that -ss
y’all p-ssy n-gg-s think y’all sweet
but ain’t a f-ckin thing going down til i eat
so can i beef? you betta while you still got teeth
‘cuz they about to get knocked out, hopped out
on that -ss with a blast that’ll make ya sh-t drop out
popped out, through a you know what
cuz you know why, and you know my
motherf-ckin name up in this game
and b-tch, you know i
will never be crossed flippin, but on some east coast terms
new york n-gg-s do, f-ck the perms

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