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dmx – getting down lyrics


getting down”(feat. bazaar royale, big stan, kashmir
[intro: dmx]
gettin down for what we stand for cause it don’t stop
once, the, line’s, crossed – bazaar!

[verse one: bazaar royale – singing]
i am from the ghet-to
i don’t do the dis-co
i just pull my pis-tol
take a chunk of your soul
it’s me who ride up by you
police won’t recognize you
run up right behind you
to let my ratchet squeeze
and you don’t want no drama
pistol-whip your momma
put that b-tch in trauma
you don’t wanna war with meeeeeee!

[chorus: dmx]
gettin down for what we stand for cause it don’t stop
once, the, line’s, crossed
gettin down for what we stand for cause it don’t stop
once, the, line’s, crossed

[verse two: big stan] + (dmx)
(next out the gate is b.s.!)
dog, i don’t have to use the fifth to be a threat
i stand 6’3″, 430, any less?
motherf-ckers want they sh-t split, i ain’t the one to test
understand what i’m sayin if not, how i figure
nine to your tongue while i play with the trigger
will make you understand what i say a lot quicker
do we have an understanding? (yeah!) my n-gg-
in case i be frontin know they really – don’t want it with meeee
come comin with them hollows and heaters – to put it simplyyyy
so if your team don’t follow its leader – then come and get meeee
but all you cowards better believe it – you comin with meeee!


[verse three: kashmir] + (dmx)
(next out the gate that b-tch kash!)
dog, i’m known for gettin up in these n-gg-z -ss!
and they don’t wanna, f-ck with the b-tch of this sh-t
cause i position the hits
speak with the nine, n-gg-z ain’t ready for that sh-t that i spit
oh no – get at these n-gg-z for sho’
cause once you cross the line you already, know we get dough
dog, the quicker they slip, the quicker they ready
holes in your pelle, body laid up in the back of the deli
i thought, y’all already knew about me and these triggers
get touched if you ever f-ck with, me and these n-gg-z
the b-tch is loose, got n-gg-z like, “b-tch you loose!”
i’m the realest b-tch of them all cause i get down for what i stand for


[verse four: dmx]
. yo!
f-ck i gots to say it for? you already know!
i was goin dizzy, i get busy with the flow!
oh, it’s like that? aight, aiyyo!
n-gg-z comin through anytime, any-where!
pop up and pop n-gg-z up right there!
put yo’ man’s brains in the motherf-ckin air!
pop pop pop, you drop drop drop. stoppin
look at, what i done to you n-gg-z
i don’t wanna be your father, tired of sonnin you n-gg-z
and i’m sick of bein bothered, i’m confrontin you n-gg-z
and take this and run, in a minute, i’m huntin you n-gg-z
go on now!


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