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dmx – give em what they want lyrics


give ’em what they want (c’mon)
give ’em what they want (c’mon)
give ’em what they want
they all can’t get it

give ’em what they want (c’mon)
give ’em what they want (c’mon)
(give it to ’em!!)

[verse #1]
cats slide to the hood, but i walk through it
holdin’ my f-ckin’ d-ck and that’s all to it
this ain’t no new sh-t, told you when i met cha
show some f-ckin’ respect, knock before ya enter
bet cha, if it’s me that’s comin’ to get cha
its gonna be a back down on that stretcher
for real, ya’ll n-gg-z don’t know pain
cause ya’ll n-gg-z don’t know me
and well that’s my name
ain’t a f-ckin’ thing changed still the same
y’all got dope but rob n-gg-z
so be mob n-gg-z y.o be hard n-gg-z
school street i rep that , beat and scar n-gg-z
respect that and step back
come at me sideways and get laid down where you stand
[gun load] (bla-dow!) with the cannons
so stop all the dirty f-ckin’ looks
cause y’all n-gg-z ain’t f-ckin’ crooks f-ck around and get took


i make moves, i break rules
pistol whip n-gg-z if they got fake jewels
i take tools (get money with ’em)
i make rules (get bl–dy in ’em)
f-ckin’ with that n-gg- earl simmons
will have you in the middle a the ocean…swimming
up to creek with no paddle, y’all n-gg-z f-ck
right when u should of bucked, y’all n-gg-z ducked
stuck ’em down that’s your m-th-r f-ckin’ luck (what!?)
clown! what now!? keep f-ckin’ playin’
i’m gonna keep a n-gg- 6 feet deep layin’
sh-t keeps sprayin’ what y’all sayin?
don’t want nothing’…(c’mon)
y’all n-gg-z known for frontin’
stop.. black! we don’t take the kindly to them acts
please don’t remind me a that

[chorus 2x]

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