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dmx – it’s over the dog is back lyrics

you can drive but i do fight
just can’t see me do right
can’t raw with the big dogs
just see the two sides

… too strong but you can’t wait me…
and you love me… tryin… n-gg- with that
you can seat that… for 20 years and 20 years old
i’m on the block it’s a new… eto town
just… the electric
you ain’t gotta like it to respect me
i’m getting in till the n-gg- wins
we gonna walk these dogs till the…
stack -ss that’s what i… talk or…
n-gg- you…
yu can put on the desk but i’ma still stop
… like a helicopter and you can put…
i can… don’t want me to…
half from here to… looking like the teady…
back up the pieces… more pretenders
jump in the benz five harddeep
four o’clock in the morning… down whenever we get down
n-gg- p-ss that they might get down
bring up the best, bring out the worst
if you bring out the worse they gonna bring out the…
thin he play pocker, i play pocker… smiling the…

… dmx
… dmx
… dmx
… dmx

- dmx lyrics

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