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dmx – money, cash, hoes lyrics


like that yo! like that yo! uh!

uh, uh, uh!
once again it’s the darker n-gg-
hit or spark a n-gg-, break apart a n-gg-
but the dog is bigger, under stress
so unless you’re wanting to bless to the chest
these slugs from his liver rest rest!
or the pump’ll put a hurt on a n-gg-
dumb s-x, … feeding dirt on a n-gg-
my hands stay dirty, cause i play dirty the mob way
what, you don’t know? … find out the hard
a n-gg-‘s job is never done
i handle my business how it come
and there’s never been a one on one
nor has there been a problem, i dissolve them
i’m like salt, lock it up
hate to fall but never wreck his car
and it’s my fault, keep n-gg-z on point ducking down
n-gg-z like you need to get bust you … clown
i extort to support my peeps
and hold down the fort, never get caught cause i creeps
when i crawl, leave a n-gg- sprawled out after i spoke em
i’ll slit his throat, d-ck in the mud and let his blood choke em
up north n-gg-z get the pick stuck up in em
and in the streets chickens get the d-ck stuck up in em
my m.o. is man-slaughter kid
cause on the reals i done wet up more mo… f-ckers than water did
slid, cause i got to slide when the dirt is done
a homicide but they want me on the murder 1
but as long as i got my gun, i’m aight
stay outta sight while it’s light, and then come out at night
to make moves again, stomp and bruise again
i know i’m going to h-ll cause i choose to sin
all my … life i been the devil’s advocate
now n-gg-z never even knew the devil had a kid
but he does and when you hear the buzz of the chainsaw
you’ll know what i’ll split your … brains for

what! n-gg-z can’t f-ck with us
get at me dog. my n-gg-z
that’s my word!

get at me dog,
i’m the type to kick back and look at sh-t,
’cause crooked sh-t gets me amped
and what you don’t know, will get you locked in sleep away camp.
grand champ and raise more h-ll, than a sorrel
see you at the peephole, bustin’ at the doorbell
though i wasn’t coming without mine
you put me on the front line because you doubt mine
bet your and lost yours, you come to get your i tossed yours
and it cost yours, f-ck y’all n-gg-z stupid, i’m the boss dog
what more dirt must i do, plus my crew
busts at you, and you be like “what’s that oooh”
what’s that clue, do i bring the noise what
destroy these mutts, is these n-gg-z toys or what
bring all the pretty n-gg-z thinking they sh-tty, what a pity
lemme show them n-gg-z sh-tty some pity, but for fifty
a motherf-cker will get a bullet to hum to him, put the gun to him
hit ’em with something that comes to him, bet it runs through him
look at what i done to him, no more smiles
got the whole top half of his head, running wild
but you don’t hear me though, so i turn out the lights
we can take it to the streets dog, turn off the mics
if you want war, then you want more, than you can stand
and this 44, will leave you with your d-ck in the sand
who the man, and now you cats know for real
get at me dog, grrr… uh! what the deal?

- dmx lyrics

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