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dmx – rob all night lyrics


[chorus: repeat 2x]
if i’m gonna rob, i’ma rob all night (yeah!)
if i’m lookin’ for something’ then it’s probly a fight
if i’m gonna f-ck b-tches then they better be tight
if that’s dead, then the head better be right (c’mon)

[verse 1]
here we go again, f-ckin right
dog man x baby, dog for life
know how this sh-t go, built off fights
b-tch dog be like “aigh, aigh, aigh”
ooh, this rap sh-t be getting kinda hectic
it’s not a game n-gg-, cats don’t respect it
real sh-t’s been neglected for far too long
let’s get it on!
i jump off slugs like packages from ups
but you run when you see x
pull out the front when you see tex
pow, the light is what you see next
f-ck who you listenin’ to, i’m the badest
any n-gg-z in the industry is f-ggots
due alone n-gg-z don’t want no static
whent hey say who shot j r it won’t be dalas


[verse 2]
y’all n-gg-z don’t know how the dog livin’
no matter what i do i keep on winnin’
can’t stop me now. it’s just the beginning’
gon’ be there ’till the endin’
in 2005 you won’t know

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stop, drop, open up shot, let ’em go
hit ’em with the same flow i hit ’em with before
this time i’m goin’ around the back door
got me like “god!” you n-gg-z is stupid
get the drum crack 4 bars, h-rn then loop it
same sh-t that you did to me, took what you did
got n-gg-z movin’, but not inst-tution
dog done did it again, uh uh (what?)
dog is in it to win, uh huh (what?)
dog did a n-gg- and then, uh huh (what?)
you thought dog was afraid? nah ah (come on)


[verse 3]
my n-gg-z, some n-gg-z you don’t wanna try
but then again, i be that one to bust a n-gg- in his eye
i don’t give a f-ck b-tch all my n-gg-z ready to die
hit you with the things so you n-gg-z ready to fly
you don’t want no more
bring all ya got to even the score
e5 is hot? you want more?
you really don’t know what you’re askin’ for
listen old man, don’t do that
we all dogs over here, don’t act like a cat
we like, touch b-lls, round table with a bat
start with the cheers, “crack, crack, crack!”


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