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dmx – the great lyrics


come on
uh, uh, wooh
come on

uh, uh uh
man, i hear you n-gg-s talkin
but’choo walkin the wrong way to really mean it
i done heard it, i done seen it, don’t get caught up in between it
its a dark road you walkin on, same street that i be stalkin on
suppose to be quiet, but you keep talkin on
now ya mouth got you in some sh-t
so we gon’ let everybody see your gangsta -ss get smaked like a b-tch
guess i’ll remind y’all n-gg-s, i can find y’all n-gg-s
click click, whats up, walk up right behind y’all n-gg-s
once the four four hit’cha
you ain’t going no where but out the door on a stretcha
boy, i’ma get’cha
wet y’all n-gg-s up like a pool
‘cuz i done told you, y’all gon’ make me lose my cool
yo knock get the glock, these b-tch n-gg-s is actin
making movies, we’ll make a movie about this sh-t after is happened
all that yappin, that them n-gg-s is gettin away with
take it easy my friend, let ’em know, dog ain’t to be played with

[chorus: dmx]

a n-gg- gotta take a girl with the back
i’m f-ckin with the hood and i’m back
i wish you understood why i’m back
it would take a lotta pressure off my back
a n-gg- gotta take a girl with the back
i’m f-ckin with the hood and i’m back
i wish you understood why i’m back
it would take a lotta pressure off my back

uh, uh, uh
most of these hard rocks turn out to be soft as wet dog sh-t
talkin sh-t, but when the fog spits, dog they all split
then all hit the ground around the same time
in the same frame of mind, ?thangs up in the nine?
left them b-tches blind, hit ’em up from behind
yeah, thats how you do that
and he had such a good head up on his shoulders, but i blew that
f-ck you black, you new cats don’t know somethin important
you die quick f-ckin with my sh-t, and my sh-ts extortin
house rules, when i speak, y’all n-gg-s listen
i drop jewels that y’all cats can’t afford to keep missin
drinkin ??? fueled by drugs
sh-ts about to get real outta hand dog, betta get ya man dog
rap sh-t comes second, i’ma show you what a robber do
mention ice one more time and i’m robbin you
tie you up for a week starvin you
beatin the sh-t outta you everday, cuz yo, these n-gg-s gotta pay


uh, uh, uh
dog it ain’t no secret ’bout how its going down once i put on the pressure
it ain’t nothing but another n-gg- put on a stretcher
with a blanket over his face, take him to the morgue with the waste
‘cuz he was in the wrong place at the wrong time
so i gave it to him in his chest
in his throat, in his head, in his back, through his vest, yes
ain’t a whole lot to braking a n-gg- down fast
they call me black ‘cuz thats how i’m gon’ be on that -ss
y’all p-ssy n-gg-s think y’all sweet
but ain’t a f-ckin thing going down til i eat
so can i beef? you betta while you still got teeth
‘cuz they about to get knocked out, hopped out
on that -ss with a blast that’ll make ya sh-t drop out
popped out, through a you know what
cuz you know why, and you know my
motherf-ckin name up in this game
and b-tch, you know i

will never be crossed flippin, but on some east coast terms
new york n-gg-s do, f-ck the perms


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