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dmx – the storm (skit) lyrics


i’m sayin’ though yo, i been hearin’ sh-t about this kid x, man
i think that n-gg- bullsh-t word up
been hearin’ mad sh-t about he be robbin’ n-gg-z and sh-t
(yeah, what you know about that?)

i’m just sayin’ man, what people be sayin’
you know what i’m sayin’?
(what people, who?)
all types of people
(crack heads or what? drug addicts?)
naw, naw n-gg-z be sayin he robbin’ n-gg-z and stuff like that

that’s, that’s wack yo
(that’s bullsh-t, yo, you rob n-gg-z, what the f-ck you talkin’ ’bout?)
i’m sayin’ i, i do mine but he rich
he a rich n-gg-, he don’t need to rob n-body
(come on n-gg-, you ain’t [incomprehensible])
(the f-ck you talkin’ ’bout)

you know, i know your pops, he told me
you’s a little knucklehead mothaf-cker
you need to raise, you need to stop
you need to go to the mars or sumthin’ like that

you need to get your sh-t together man
you out here listening to all these n-gg-z on the corner
smokin’ blunts and 40’s, and all that sh-t
that sh-t look cool and all that, your head ain’t right

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