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donté – suburban lie lyrics

motherf-cker i done grew up in the suburbs
spent most of my summers
in the city
sh-tty living
got me feeling colored
till i talk
think my foreign tongue
might just blow my cover

waking up and seeing trees
greener than my thumb
probably couldn’t roll a blunt b-tch
probably plant one
neighbors waving in the am
conversation has begun
how ya doing
oh amazing
hey i heard about your son
welcome to suburban living
everybody know your business
everybody talkin’ sh-t
if all your bas-m-nt isn’t finished
daughter son husband wife dog
every house alike, dawg
it’s the american dream

closest corner store is on the corner of the other side
need my city
pity that it be a twenty minute drive
just to get it, ‘nother twenty minutes
now you back inside
come to find
you forgot the milk
that’s another hike


i see whips and these big fields in these picket fences
whips with the big wheels, trippin’ with these benzes
trippin’ if no benzes is parked in yo’ entrance
and if you black then you know you sparkin’ they interest

like what you do for living?
how your family prosper?
who you think you kidding?
boy you ain’t no doctor!
i should call the cops up
i should have you locked up
got me f-cked up

i mean really that’s just silly
thinking skin is my achilles heel
they feel me
till they turn they back
and now they back against me
mr rog!
i’m just tryna dodge everything you cater
call me neighbor
you too will end up plottin’ on me later

mama told me see the bad before you see the good in it
boy it ain’t no neighborhood if you don’t got no hood in it

school was out i had to route down
to my grandma house on stenton
cross from martin luther high
cross from crown chicken
dad been dead for several winters
coming down here made me miss him
sat-rday’s we came to grab a plate from grandma kitchen
now i’m older sitting at her table
lonely feeling distant thinking
i don’t even like roast beef

told the chef i had to go
she’s on the phone, that’s perfect timing
out the door i left
i took a left
and found myself at simon’s park
it’s after dark
graffiti marks
this no place to confide in
n-gg-s wondering why the f-ck i sound like jerry seinfield

[modified chorus]
might just blow my cover
cover undercover

tryna cover my ident-ty to identify
i don’t fit in the parenthesis so why parenthesize
funny how my town had emphasized that i was a minority
then i come to philly feeling more like a minority
despite that the majority
looked a lot like me
made me feel like outkast
all i needed was a beat
all i needed was a speakerboxx, a little r&b
i’m sorry, ms. jackson

7th ave, i called the cab, the taxi man my urban chauffeur
bring me home is what i told him
now he turning off his motor
turned his shoulder
he was older
turned around and came in closer
told me
“how you getting home if you dont even know where home is?”!

cause you grew up in the suburbs
spent most of your summers
in the city
sh-tty living
got you turning colors
when you talk
think your native tongue
might just have you covered
covered covered

- donte lyrics

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