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dos gringos – i want to take off from a carrier lyrics


i wanna take off from a carrier some day before i die
strap that viper to a catapult and watch that sucker
200 knots in under 2 seconds
that’s my kinda fun
do a barrel roll just after takeoff
just like in top gun
but i don’t wanna land
allow me to explain and you’ll understand
’cause it ain’t about the landing
why would i care?
you never have a crosswind and you never have to flare
you got 4 f-cking wires, how could you miss?
i can’t think of anything that’s easier than this
but once you’re on the deck my friend you’ll never be
the same
’cause you’re stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere
with five thousand other men
join the navy? i don’t think so
living on a boat? i don’t think so
hot bunking? i don’t think so
doing night traps? f-ck that! i don’t think so

sure i thought about the navy but decided to p-ss
i love my five star hotels and per diem out the -ss
i do all of my fighting well within the sh-r-
cable tv and cappacinos – that’s the way that you fight
a war
this spoiled life – it can grow old
when the coffee ain’t fresh, the sheets ain’t soft and
the beer is only somewhat cold

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