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drakkar – inferno lyrics


i have lost my way into the wood
where am i tonight?
fear inside, i’m lost and so alone
where will i go?
i have reached a hill and tried to climb
now the dawn has come
but a wolf is standing in my way
won’t let me go

are you real, or nothing but a ghost?
save me from the wolf!
|follow me|, he says, |and you will see what’s beyond life|
on the hill of dawn i climb behind him
he’s the guide and master
now in front of us there is a door
where will it lead?

[spoken bridge:]
per me si va nella citta dolente,
per me si va nell’etterno dolore,
per me si va tra la perduta gente.
dinanzi a me non fuor cose create
se non etterne, e io etterna duro.
lasciate ogni speranza, o voi ch’entrate.

guide me through this world
where spirits cry
keep me safe and tell me how
to live my life


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