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drakkar – lo shan shen long pa lyrics


[great dragon rising from the mountains of lo]

here on these mountains i have found my destiny
my training’s over now, after many years
the wisdom of the ancients will be guiding me
the spirit and greatness will forever live

am i worthy for this legacy?
will i live up to it?

feel the power and the might
of the dragon of the east
rising from the waterfalls
evil ones you must beware
of the power of the shield
and the mighty dragon fist

the knight of libra taught me everything i need
not to betray his lesson, this is up to me
the mighty dragon’s cloth now is mine by right
burns all the power of the stars i have inside!


instead of falling the water will rise
this is the power in me
forces of nature i know and command
as long as my heart is clean
i’ll fight for justice all over the world
this is the promise i make
follow the dragon, follow the light
it is calling my name


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