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dynabyte – in another context lyrics


worrying desire of transcending sayings
terrible sensation of desertion
vulgar anger impulses
my metal state my actual state
absorbed by the vitreous gl-ssy liquid of my arbitrary
moments spent in understanding the game
in another context i would have taken possession
i would have elected my new path
making my strings vibrate shouting to time, crying
i can’t i don’t have to i don’t want to
i see my old vision vanishing like the breath p-ssing
through my harm
i tighten it, i fill it with my condition
i’m unarmed before events
foolish miniatures, temporary alterations
dilemmas the game is keeping for me
iniquitous joy, flavour disappearing from my emotions
slow, relentless, clever
it insinuates itself carrying myriads of sounds
ephemeral event in contact with the extreme side of me
i don’t like it i don’t want it
intellect doesn’t help me
the courage i lead is unexpressed
flooded in my mind
bridled in my heart
i would like to listen to new sounds
to be stripped from my mental iterations
already ragged behaviour structures
protecting a shield erected by myself
that has no reason to exist

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