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e 40 – northern califoolya lyrics


-phone rings-

machine – “h-llo.”
rick rock – “rick rock.”
machine – “has a message for…”
rick rock – the bay area
machine – “to accept the message press 1”
-sound of b-tton pushed-

ugh, ugh
we flow for about five years ago
when we lost a down
but i had fifth of the game
but i knew that one day
that sooner or later it got to come back around
e-40 water held his ground
kept my foot in the fast lane
flew uppidy on mesmerized
cuz i snuck up in up out the game
you makin’ a 40 water cd
and get you penalized [penalized]
i promise you that you get your face kicked man [face kicked man]
astonishing, you never know who know who beat you black and blue
demolish you
have you lookin’ just like the bottom of my shoe
the game, the game feeds off us [feeds off us]
the industry and all the slangin’ speeches’ [speeches’]
so we had to do what we like [do what we like]

- e 40 lyrics

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