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e – 40 – gimme head lyrics


(feat. al kapone, bosko)

[e-40 talking:]
d-mn lil mama………i aint gon’ lie yo dome action is vicious…….
feels like i’m in yo p-ssy when you suckin’ my d-ck……

[chorus (bosko) x2:]
feels like im in yo p-ssay……..when your suckin my d-ck……..
gimme head hoe [repeats all through chorus]

[first verse (e-40)]
smack it up flip it, rub it down
feel so good when you go down town
i like it when you moan and groan and make that sound
i love to see your face when you do that frown
dont hold back just do yo job
lick it up and down like corn on the cob
slob on my kn-b while yo p-ssy throb
gimme head till im deader than a f-ckin doorkn-b
theraputic and healin, couldn’t fight the feelin
she pulled my d-ck back like a banana pealin’
her throat game platinum worth a million
put her on a track we can make a killin’
she can wrap her whole mouth around a fireman pole
suck a tennis ball through a garden hose
low cut jeans like to show that flesh
pierced toungue ring big lips and br–sts
extasy, hennesy
broccoli, the remedy
late night creepin at the emb-ssy
im hard like im out the penetentary
baby got back like a slab of ribs
dang near wanna make her have my kids
take her home let her meet my mom and dad
then introduce her to all my niggs
front back, side to side
gettin good head while im in my ride
dip to the crib then we do it again
have a deepthroat contest you and your friends
like the 4th of july im tryin to reach my peak
pull it out your mouth now its time to skeet
shoot it everywhere while im beatin my meat
in your face in your hair all over the sheets

[chorus x2]

[2nd verse (al kapone)]
up and down, in and out,
let me f-ck you in yo mouth
slow, dome head, thats the type of sh-t im talkin bout’
gimme dat, gimme dat, im so glad you into that
if chewin’s, what your doin, then you best believe im comin back
black, white, asian, and latino don’t discriminate
take it out, take it to the face, then -j-c-l-t-
freaky b-tch, nasty b-tch my nigg i swear she love this sh-t
dont trip pimpin she gon’ swallow it if you bust in it
look into her eyes, she gon’ c-m, in the process
have her panties soakin’ wet, try to make her choke on it
deep-throat action hard, d-ck is what im packin’
when she coughin, when she gaggin’ she get pimp satisfaction….
got a n-gg- weak, in the knees uh
speakin in another toungue, thank you mama cita
thats the way you freak her, papita in her beak uh
feelin like that p-ssy let me stroke it a little deeper

[chorus x2]

[bosko x4:]
suck, suck it baby……suck all of me

[chorus x3]