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e-nyce – my way lyrics


[hook: repeat 2x]

life’s hard things don’t go your way
but me i’mma get mine anyway
when you get yours we can celebrate
now put ya hands up, now put ya hands up

[verse 1]

the name rings bells cause i’m well connected
its e-nyce you know i’m here like i never left it
lampin’ in your crib playa come and check it
jumpin’ on your couches really gettin’ reckless

f it, you could blame it on my adolescence
i’m schoolin’ n-ggas nowadays playa add a lesson
gifted with a talent from the past and present
everydays christmas i p-ssed you with my presence

ahhh, and i’m spittin like a smith & wesson
big willie stuntin’ silly baby i am legend
i keep lethal weapons for a sweet connection
it ain’t a movie you act i’mma keep directin’

now i’m doin things my way
please don’t usher me in i want the highway
i’m the frank sinatra of my day
young brown eyes n-gga i came to get paid


[verse 2]

life’s a b-tch don’t take her for jokes
married to the game no church we eloped
we close, n-gga peep the vows that i wrote
i’mma bring soul ’til the day that i’m ghost

peep tho, see i’m from the east coast
where some pack b-tter and the others keep toast
breakfast of champs when you steppin’ to the camp
you silver-spoon n-ggas need to eat with your hands

life’s short each day i’mma celebrate it
the miller high life, feelin’ quite elevated
out in vegas in the cut gettin’ h-lla faded
check the lineup, i’m fly like i never made it

down from plane that i came from
i’m on track i don’t care if a train comes
i’m sam cooke when the change comes
i’mma celebrate cuz i won