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e.scott – system lyrics


[hook: 1]
i feel it in my system. got tides behind my brain x4

[verse: e.scott]
i feel it in my system that the system got tides around my brain
third eye wide so why am i so insane?
you can smoke to this or sniff this sh-t
this sh-t is like cocaine this is dope n-gga
you neva had it in you to be a addict you look p-ssive
matter fact ya lungs seem a lil asthmatic
can’t control the tote the smoke the flow
the vibrations coming out my throat
the lonely life guard tryn stay a float
ill dive into your shallow water. mike jordan in final quarters
slang that dope like richy porter
cuz he’s back. following trends is a drug i ain’t tryna relapse
off that weak bulsh-t that these haters keep on pushing
i try to stress for change but ll they do is over look me
i poped an adderall with santa clause to prove im good
and you ain’t gotta brag about ya gun to show you hood
and you ain’t really gotta act to show thats what you not
im caged in in a f-cking box. see i don’t have
no patiences like doctors thats on vacation
trapped inside this bas-m-nt not content with this complacency
you gone need three eyes to see. knocking on the devil door
he like quit bothering me. i done seen a lot of sh-t that two eyes can’t see
the greatest of all time is my prophesy
n-ggas acting like i ain’t god in existence
n-ggas keep trading knowledge for fitness
my n-gga f-ck a religion cuz all i do is hustle
you grew up with a silver spoon so tell me bout ya struggle

[paid in full skit]