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ecnephias – fiercer than any fear lyrics


i rejoice as black as sin
today christ’s not with me
my heart craves for every l-st
while the night’s upon us

oh dio del male della sorte

away from the sky and its torment
i find solace midst the flames
i’m immortal as god
where light fades i wear the crown

oh dio del male della sorte

i’m fiercer than any fear

i’ll drink the blood of pigs and you men swine
i’ll crush the love of poets and dreamers
invert my fall and ascent of the faithful
at stake i’ll burn all prophets and seraphim

here i come and feed my l-st
between naked corpses
deny that abomination
that you men call love

each and every cry of sorrow
is an ecstasy of pleasure
there’s no priest there’s no prayer
that can save your rotten soul