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edai – opera lyrics


[verse 1]
live from steve drive, n-gg-s eyes on steve drive
popo sit on the block with them glocks and steve die
n-gg-s say they coming through, come on please try
swear this shit ain’t been the same since they k!lled him three times
n-gg- what, 22 glocks, i’ll fill em up
lay em down with that hundred round, ak pick em up
set em up in that bag, embalming fluid, fill em up
might be real up in your hood but in my hood ain’t real enough
don’t say nothing, n-gg-s telling on they homies, ain’t gon’ front
seen a n-gg- do a backflip when they hit him with that pump
d-mn they like do it for the gram, i’ma do it for my n-gg-s who locked up in the can
i’ma do it for my n-gg-s who ain’t never had a chance
and my n-gg-s them my bros, i can’t call them n-gg-s friends
then call them n-gg-s real, cause these n-gg-s be pretend
and i keep my own heat just in case shit hit the fan
n-gg- blast at them n-gg-s, run up on you, best be fast
you get caught without that heat then that’s your -ss n-gg-
h-ll naw i don’t know you, i can’t give no f-cking cash with you
shit can get real wheel, that’s why we keep the masks with us
yeah, off that patron, that’s my fix, never stress about no b-tch
do that shit make any sense?
and my k!llers k!ll to k!ll, now they say he innocent
give a f-ck bout where you from, we’ll spray the premises
my n-gg-s senseless, they’ll spray the clip until the clicking get em
run up on you watch you fall, [?] fix the shit
plus i’m in my finish, they just did one of my n-gg-s in
now i’m blanking out, clip hanging out, you gon’ get this shit
beg for your life boy, tell me how you innocent
tell me how you ain’t from over there and you ain’t with the shit
i seen you in that video disrespecting all the bros
f-ck the talking, yo this shit for bro