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eddison – courtside lyrics


if the beam touch your back ima hawk you
they ask me what my job is n+gga i sell dogfood
got a lil light skin b+tch from tinder she do the walkthrough
shot that n+gga twice in the leg n+gga was a tall dude
got stuck up in the dope game this how i rap now
plug think he pushing up on p+ssy i back the strap out
pour a six in my fanta sh+t getting black now
custy pulled out two pints i had to back down
yea lil n+gga
i came off two seals
i put this gun to your face i don’t care how you feel
cops ain’t got catch me with sh+t i just swallowed all the pills
i remember i was fifteen only hitting my first drill
yea n+gga
but now i’m coolin
i be going out westside where some n+ggas is boolin
n+gga try to scam me who the f+ck you fooling
n+gga try to play me n+gga up the toolie
n+gga i dont play no gamеs
up the stick out on a n+gga now he a f+cking chain
remix thе dog food hit it with the cocaine
subsonic rounds in my gun sound like f+cking rain
aye don’t listen to that recipe that sh+t stupid tho
no you can’t come inside the club you a groupie hoe
dog food missing around the house like where my p++py go
oh the n+gga muslim he wanna play knock a kufi off
i up the score with no assist i ain’t no rubio
its big double d i smoke a n+gga like a dobie bro
we smoked em like a blunt the last drill was a movie bro
double d can take your b+tch and turn that b+tch into a groupie hoe
double d like who the f+ck can f+ck with me
p+ssy n+gga up it on me allah he gon meet
and i still sniffing percs i can’t see
if a n+gga need some blues you know what to do
b+tch gon eat the d+ck like b+tch gon eat the d+ck like a motherf+cking shrooms
b+tch gon eat the d+ck like b+tch gon eat the d+ck like some motherf+cking food
got some n+ggas hiding from they own block
tell the b+tches drop the low when we out
i been only f+cking with the wockhardt lately
b+tch in my phone right now she trying to date me
cause im big double d
if i catch a opp outside i turn him into dead meat
i pop a perk and lay down i got the best bed sheets
when we push up on him i swear the red dot all he got see
yea its big double d i just mumble on the beat
and we got some dracos sitting out side your telly n+gga
i been getting money n+gga f+ck is you got tell me n+gga
i been pushing dogfood like a deli n+gga
i been smoking so much za i know these n+gga smell me n+gga