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eel people – right where you started lyrics


you will be your only friend
cause only life will understand
when you need a hand
one that can’t be held too hard or it’ll cut itself off
and you’ll fall back into

right where you started
yeah you’re right where you started
back where you did live
you’re right where you started

am i being too clear?
is this not what you wanted to hear?
it’s okay
honestly, i don’t know how i get by anymore

right where i started
yeah i remember it
back where i started
yeah i’m right where i began

back where i did live
nothing to relive
nothing i can do
none to undo

back where i did live
writing pop music
right where i started
i’m right back where i started

why can’t i get scared?
that old bad drug
it k!lls everything inside you
everything around you

i don’t wanna be there with you
i won’t be there again
i don’t wanna see you end