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el stranjah – boom boom boom lyrics


elstizzle for shizzle im rizzle my nizzle
eh yo!what it do?
i go by the name taculia or y’all call me el to the stizzle el stranjah
ya rocking with me

[verse 1:el stranjah]
i come through like ‘boom boom boom’
let me hear you say ‘boom boom boom’
all my peeps like ‘boom boom boom’
cuz we rolling like ‘boom boom boom’
i put it down like ‘boom boom boom’
if ya feel me say ‘boom boom boom’
im fresh and hot like ‘boom boom boom’
cuz im living like ‘boom boom boom’

[hook:el stranjah]
gosoo like ‘boom boom boom’ (8x)

[rap 1:el stranjah]
skoo me errbody can i bust a rhyme?
ya free to get naughty cuz look it is playtime
just feel me flow and lo my sh-t is bumping
show you how to gosoo now watch how im jumping
im on with this rap sh-t came here to make hits
mayn im lyrically fit n-ggas dig how i spit
smell me boy for shizzle you gon know that im rizzle
my nicknames elstizzle my nizzle i ain’t tizzle
cop a bottle of henny im finto get crunked
just come with me babe and get in no d-mn funk
cuz im ill im bout it believe me i got games
im a product of this streets and im spreading my flames
so nig if you done bugged out better up and bail
cuz when you hear my dawgs shout they gon make you fail
while i cruise through your area with this nu dope hit
ask who bout el stranjah ya know im tha shiznit

[sub-hook:el stranjah]
hear my beats go ‘boom boom boom’
hear my voice go ‘boom boom boom]
can you folla like ‘boom boom boom’
cuz errwhere’s like ‘boom boom boom’
all my nigs go ‘boom boom boom’
all my chics go ‘boom boom boom’
all my peeps go ‘boom boom boom’
cuz errbody’s like ‘boom boom boom’

(repeat hook)

[rap 2:el stranjah]
n-gga im fresh out the hood and my flows is tight
they thought me up to no good now i get things right
reach for my pen and pad then im done create dem bars
this n-ggas slanguage is bad so i leave’em with scars
folks know that im fly hoes claim that im sly
my raps get you high did i hear you say hi
i get in my place and now they give me more sp-ce
plus god gave me grace and so im running the race
b-tch n-ggas get jumped when they get in my sh-t
and fake friggas get dumped who you rolling with
[n-gga im 50-50 slize one to my dimepiece
she said im 730 while she blow me a kiss](pending)
and im straight down cooling it with my mind on the cake
counting dem games that i spit i done did it for christ sake
now what tha deally yo who that busta brown?
is he bringing a show? nig better watch the crown

(repeat sub-hook and hook)

[verse 2:el stranjah]
im in the club like ‘boom boom boom’
sipping bub like ‘boom boom boom’
ladies dance like ‘boom boom boom’
fellas bounce like ‘boom boom boom’
pop bottles like ‘boom boom boom’
freak noddles like ‘boom boom boom’
get naughty like ‘boom boom boom’
ain’t no stopping like ‘boom boom boom’

(repeat hook to fade)