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emerson drive – i love this road lyrics


well there’s a long long stretch of highway
here in front of me
it just seems to keep on winding
as far as i can see
sometimes these wrong turns are sweet mysteries
sometimes they take us where were meant to be

i love this feeling of freedom running through my veins
been too long at the crossroads waiting for the light to change
even if it takes forever and i never find out where it goes
heaven knows
i love this road
i love this road

well these days become a lifetime
it happens way too fast
and you miss whats round the corner
if you just keep looking back
sometimes it feels like you cant find your way
sometimes all you have to go on is faith

[repeat chorus]

wind at my back and the sun on my shoulders
pushing me moving me a little bit closer
sometime a little trust is just enough to take you there

[repeat chorus]