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endless reaches – have silence lyrics


too many people
too many things
too much sound
nothing but noise in my ears
nothing at all
nothing to drown out the voices
nothing at all

i want everything to just go away
i wanna hit pause for a minute
let it all stop
and try to see
try to see the world again

but everything is black
you took my eyes away
you took my feeling away
what kind of misfortune is this
i’ve never done anything to deserve to feel nothing

i’ve been craving a disaster just to see if i can cry
you broke me down to nothing
was that your-
i need a minute
alright i’m good

stop complaining
i’ve given you more than enough
stop your crying
get up and use what you’ve got

what can i do if i can’t see the way
there’s nothing here for a hollow man

see the beauty in disaster
maybe i knew you could handle this
now the helpless can flock to you and you can give them an answer

no direction at all

i never said everything would be simple
use me instead of yourself