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enid – the journey lyrics


rise, my dear, we’ve going to leave
out journey has just begun
it will lead us to dreams
the forefathers dreamt
we will follow to where
the best of us went
we will challenge the unknown
the time we have spent
seeing the bridges to yesterday burn
knowing well: we will never return

ride, my dear, we’re going to rest
when our journey has come to an end
we will love, we will lose
we will never look back
where the bridges to yesterday
gather in blaze
we will burn at our own
towards horizon the gaze
leaving good advice where is belongs
rhyming wars in our juvenile songs

years have p-ssed and iron i’m dressed
our journey is no longer mine
it has led me to realms
the forefathers knew
the best of us vanished
under wounds rest a few
is sparkling the due
and you, dear, sleep smoothly in dreams
where the bridge is as strong as it seems