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enigma – of vile and bliss lyrics


here’s something to keep you awake; something to ponder
i present this question to you to think about carefully: without acknowledgement of the vile, under what basis does one have to compare to bliss? the same goes the other way

it is inevitable that you will be wrong in the eyes of others

forever it seems that humanity gets caught up in trying to distinguish deeds from sin, yet they fail to realize that the only thing they have to justify their judgment is their biases

for one person, it may be preferable to spare the lives of others for their own self-preservation
for another, it may bring satisfaction to drag others down into despair

i’m sorry to break this to you
horrific and obscene it may seem, i can tell you this: it doesn’t matter anyway

the reality is that we can’t truly say one person or another has the moral comp-ss
yet the only thing we really have left to guide us is our perception synchronized to our flesh and mind

the strive for transcendental meaning breaks down when metaphysical ideas conflict
the nonexistence of the metaphysical is the reason why it doesn’t matter in the end
the universe will still revolve without you, no matter the degree to which you can deny this truth